Welcome to the Scots College Music Department.

The Music Department at Scots is striving to become a world leader in the delivery of music education programs for boys. Around 600 boys across the College elect to participate in music-learning activities over and above their mandatory curricular music classes.

Music at Scots is a safe environment with expert guidance for every boy to develop a deep love for, and value of music regardless of their existing skill level or future musical aspirations. The Music Department engages boys’ imaginations and fosters their creativity through experiential learning opportunities that guide boys’ investigations of music as a form of self-expression for individuals and through teams. We firmly believe that there is a place for music in every boy’s life, and that creative, tangible music-learning experiences are both life changing and God honouring.

Musical opportunities at the College include an ensemble-based program where boys first become members of a core ensemble appropriate for their instrument type and level of ability. In these ensembles, boys begin applying to a group context the individual instrumental skills learned in private lessons such as tone production, articulation and dynamical control while they also hone their analytical listening. Boys will develop ensemble skills such as balance, blend, and intonation as well as refining their idea of teamwork as it relates to musical performance.

Music at Scots offers experiences in Chapel Music, Chamber Music, Jazz, Keyboard Studies, Rock Bands and Contemporary Music, String Ensembles, Symphonic Wind Bands, Symphony Orchestra, Vocal Studies, and Percussion Ensembles. All groups perform regularly both within and external to the College and our ensemble touring program is a highlight for many boys.

To find out more about Music at Scots, please contact us at music@tsc.nsw.edu.au or for those with a College login, please visit our Music Homepage on Schoolbox.